Thursday, June 11, 2009

Would this fall into the Dada art category?

So not to take anything away from Meri's potty-training miracle, because she is amazing, she woke up in the middle of the night last night (okay 6 am - not morning yet in our house), walked into our room, told us she had to go peepees, she went on the toilet, and then went back to bed. I can't get over that.
Nor can I get over what she did last night, for a totally different reason. But I must give real brief background - Meri thinks she's totally done potty training and so has taken to going on the toilet without letting us know (this is slightly frustrating because Jell doesn't. Jell will hop past both bathrooms doing the "gotta go potty waddle" just to announce she needs to go. Then she goes and does it herself. Why did she have to get our permission first?). Every time I realize I haven't seen or heard from her I go running and find her washing her hands, having done her job already. Her not being the best wiper yet, this is a little yucky. When I am around to help, she has started to shut the door in my face and say, "I nee my pry-acy (I need my privacy)." As of last night, she is not allowed privacy. I left for less than an hour last night, during which Coop realized she was missing and went to find her. Apparently she had pooped by herself. Then, somehow some of the said poo had got on top of the toilet lid (we have no idea how - she had none on her dress, none on the floor, all the rest had gone where it should). Her little creative self then decided (WHY????) to get a toothbrush - mine in fact - and swirl it in the poo to make poopie designs all over the toilet, the same toilet I had cleaned earlier that day. Oh the horror. Have you thrown up yet? I apologize, but I had to get this in writing to blackmail her with in years to come. And I was hoping it might be funny - I'm not sure how yet but that might be because I'm still in mourning for my poor toothbrush.

(Dada art is not referring to daddy, is pronounced dah-dah, and bizarrly enough was an anti-art art movement, where they presented things that were not art, such as a urinal, put it in a gallery and called it art with the purpose of challenging your idea of art. Annoying little upstarts if you ask me but then again, they've made it in the history books like so many undeserving people have. I just re-read that and I apologize for sounding arrogant but I wasted so many hours of my life studying this in school and I apparently harbor bad feelings)


Katie said...

wow. gotta say, I appreciate the fact that you did not include a picture with this post.

Raina said...

ahhhh...this is so disgusting and yet so funny to read! I'm just ultimately happy this didn't (or hasn't yet) happened in my house! At least she is trying to be a good little cleaner after her messes! :D

Lisa said...

Oh, that's awful, but oh so funny. By the way, I'll be in Portland this weekend, and you BETTER be coming to our reunion! But anyway, I will need an explanation of how contemporary art is actually "art." I must confess, I don't get it.

Hannah said...

ahh!! That's worse that dropping the toothpaste in the toilet. There is no recovery from that, for sure!