Monday, June 01, 2009

Welcome Home

My parents took the girls to Bend for the weekend for fun and kind of as a reward for Meri beginning her potty training (and thanks to my mom who worked harder on it than I had so far!). They had a whirlwind weekend of parks and pooltime and were somehow still excited to come home to us - so cute! Jell jumped into Coop's arms and asked him "How was school and how was work daddy?" Then she came to me and asked, "How was teach (tutoring), and how was tenna (tennis - we'd just come back from playing and still had our tennis rackets in our hands)?" So cute that she thought to ask! Meri ran in the house, ran straight to her room and lied down in her bed. She kept doing this every couple of minutes and giggling. I think she was just so happy to see her own room. Then that night when Meri prayed she said, "thank you that Nana and Bopa brought me back to my house." We're grateful too!

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