Monday, June 22, 2009

Reflections from a crazy Father's Day weekend

1. There are a lot of important fathers in our life. We love them all and are so grateful for their influence in our lives - but it is pretty tiring trying to see them all in one day. My girls are fortunate to even know and love two of their great-grandpas, my Grandpa Berne and Grandpa Smith, who both live in the area.
2. French Vanilla flavored Half & Half should not be used to make spaghetti carbanara. Holy disgusting. (It was done accidentally, and not by me, but it was totally unedible)
3. Naps are needed after church. I'm not sure who needs them more, me or them. And I need more sleep than I used to; I must be getting old.
4. High school class reunions are fun, crazy, and weird all at once. Does it make sense to say going made it seem like 10 years is a really long time and not enough time, all at the same time?
5. With all else going on, Father's Day is kind of crummy timing to have to register for the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. Sadly, by neglecting some rather important fathers we got my paintings registered and they will be there to see this weekend (26th - 28th).
6. The girls may not fully understand what Father's Day is all about. They wished every female they saw "Happy Father's Day" with as much enthusiasm as they did to their dad and grandpas (I think it's kinda like Happy Easter or 4th of July to them).
7. I am excited and grateful for my new calling, but after observing Primary yesterday, I know I have A LOT to learn. And I need to go back and say bigger "thank you"s to every Primary leader that has played a part in my life, because I'm beginning to understand that they did a lot of work.
8. Coop's dad, or Papa, so loves the girls. He sometimes follows the girls around laughing at their antics or fascinated by their different personalities. I've seen him even change diapers, which isn't usually part of a grandpa's duties, and he's always found doing dishes and cleaning up after dinner. He taught his son how to be a good husband, for which I am eternally grateful.
9. My dad, or Bopa, is such fun. He loves to get out of the house and be active with the girls, whether it be walks to the temple, playing ball in the cul-de-sac, taking them swimming, joining us camping for some smores, or hitting the parks. He has always been such a strong example of living the gospel and a good priesthood holder to rely on in the home.
10. Last but not least: Cooper deserves one of those #1 Dad shirts, even if he would never wear it. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that we have him; I couldn't do it without him. He is so involved, and is willing to help with any chore or support any of my crazy ideas. He loves his girls, and is their book-reader, puzzle-helper, shoe-tier, swing-pusher, teeth-brusher, horse, t-ball teacher, juice-maker, bike pedaler, jungle gym, teddy bear, and Prince Edward (who is constantly saving them from the big troll). The day starts with many tears if they don't get a hug and kiss from him before he leaves. I'm so lucky that he's my husband any my kids' dad!


Jen said...

You really do have two great grandpas on both sides. LUCKY! Also, I agree Cooper is great. He seems so attentive to you and the girls. I am impressed! Also, I am super impressed you made it into the Art Festival. I am going to go FOR SURE!

Alisha said...

Jen, you're so sweet but my art is just in the open show - anybody who brought something and filled in the registration form got their art in. But you should go, you might recognize some of the models I painted :)

shaun said...

AMEN... to everything but the spaghetti part because I have no idea what you are talking about. But amen to everything else.