Monday, June 01, 2009

Gallery garden party

Last Monday I got to go paint outside at the gallery all day while clients came by, watched, and asked about my art. Kinda intimidating for a first time, but fun, and nice to get to paint so much!
I only included the second picture to show the painting I was working on that's almost done.

Here's one of the paintings that I'd finished ahead of time to show as recent work (this is now for sale in Feingold Home in Bend).
This was one that I was trying to finish. The road kinda baffled me - there was so much of it and it was such a detraction and I wasn't sure what to do to finish it.
So I cheated - I cropped it. This is about what the final product looked like (it's also for sale in Bend at Feingold Home). Does it look okay like this?


Lisa said...

Yes, it looks beautiful!

Raina said...

wow wow wow! i love the art, and you sitting out there looks actually totally relaxing!!! Cute picture and great job with the art! I love it as usual.

hannah said...

Yes. I love it! Look at you go. Wow!