Sunday, October 17, 2010


So I'm kinda a bit picture-happy lately, but he's just so cute. I can't get enough. And I know lots of family appreciates the pics because he's growing so fast! It's crazy. So here's a couple of pictures to get your Isaac fill of the day:
That first one looks like he's about to skip off to save the day or join in a musical dance. And the second, he's just trying to figure out what that flashy thing mom keeps putting in his face is.
Concerned face (noticed the finger much later):
Kissy kissy kissy! This sister in particular loves to kiss and hug and squeeze him until I have to peel her off. So far, she hasn't managed to actually "squeeze his guts out" and a little surprisingly he loves all the attention. He smiles so much at her when she comes into sight.
Since when did my little girlies get SO long! Nothing like having an infant around to make your other kids look like giantesses.

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Katie said...

They DO change so fast!! He's looking so much older already - but still so cute. And I loved your description of the first picture...he totally reminds me of the position cartoon characters get in right before they take off at high speed.