Monday, October 04, 2010

Isaac Update

For all of the family that is always wanting to see more pictures, here's a couple of cuties:This one was taken right after, amidst a bunch of things going on, I suddenly realized that Jenelle was saying again and again, "Look, I'm picking up baby without an adult!" I might have scared her when I realized what was going on. Oops. After explaining, we let her hold him with supervision.
Here's our lazy boy. I put him on his stomach for some tummy time exercises, and instead this is what he did:
And thank heavens for the swing!!! We've used it and loved it with all three of our kids, and our nephew. Although sometimes he's not as in love with it as we are:
but often, the rocking keeps him nicely asleep, even if he does scrunch up nearly sideways, and make funny faces:
We just are loving our little man and all the blues, greens, and browns that have suddenly entered our lives!

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Lynda said...

So glad you are enjoying the swing. I also loved one like it when Randy was a baby!