Saturday, October 30, 2010


Up until about 3 weeks ago, the girls wanted to be Cinderella and Snow White for Halloween. Then all of the sudden, they had to be witches, with green faces like Elphaba. Yes, we listed to the Wicked soundtrack around here, and the girls pretend to be Elphaba, Glenda, and Nessa all the time. So here they are (at the ward trunk-or-treat party) in all their wicked glory, along with the little man:

And the classic handless-eating-of-a-doughnut-on-a-string game. Jell kept spinning in circles trying to get a bite, and was laughing her head off.
Meri was incredibly excited to get a turn next but when she couldn't get a satisfactory bite got more and more upset. They timed the game and when the time was up she instantly started to cry, "I didn't even get a bite!" Daddy quickly pulled it off the string and said "you get to eat the whole thing now," to which she continued crying, "but did I win a prize???" Laughing, daddy responded something along the lines of "your prize is the doughnut!" to which she stopped crying, and happily began to eat. Crisis averted.
These three girls are in Jell's kindergarten class at school AND her Primary class. I hear all about them ALL the time! So glad she makes friends so easily.
But before I end this already too-long post, here's the little man. Apparently Jell doesn't know who Superman is though because she kept saying, "he's A superhero" or "he's dressed as A super man." Don't look too closely though. I cut out the felt and my mother-in-law stitched it on in a total of about 15 minutes as we raced to get out the door between feedings and all. Regardless of the shoddy workmanship, he looks adorable!

And I just had to add these. Look at these legs! I love 'em! The poor little boy. I spend half the time smelling his head (which smells like heaven, by the way, when he's been bathed recently), and the other half pinching his delicious thigh rolls. And I love how he claps his feet!
And stretches!
Happy Halloween!


bontovi said...

cute cute cute! we miss you guys!

Raina said...

I was in love with the first photos.. and then I got to Superman! Wow!!!! why did you have to move NOW? I need him!

Lisa said...

I think the workmanship on Superman looks great! And it's a good thing babies aren't actually edible, because they truly are delicious. Love his smile!

Jen said...

I love the green faces! I am so glad you have a little superman!