Saturday, October 02, 2010

Kids websites?

Question to all of you fantastic moms out there. What are some good websites with fun and possibly even educational online activities or games for preschool/kindergarten age kids? The girls love and we'll occasionally go to (in particular, the word world part),, or, and they just had some fun with yesterday. But the girls get bored with some of the less interesting games, and I really try to find ones that are worth something, you know, like might teach them something, or help them learn a bit. While I'm feeding Isaac, one of their favorite things to do is play on the computer, and since Isaac eats rather frequently, we're looking for some new places to go. Not that I let them play on the computer all day long ... I let them watch movies too. Ha, I'm a terrible mom. Anyway, any pointers while I get the hang of this three kid, missing-out-on-sleep, head cold, haven't-even-unpacked-my-apartment-yet thing? Thanks!

Oh, and by the way, earlier today the girls asked, "Daddy, can we have more cheetos?" He said yes, and as he brought them to the girls, Jell chirped, "thanks," and Meri, with a totally Meri mischievous grin drawled, "thanks ... old man." Then the both erupted in giggles. Oh boy.


bontovi said...

Alisha!!! I miss you:). Tai learned his alphabet and the sounds on I just love that site. Check it out.
Alohas to your beautiful little family.

H said...

Try It's a multi-lingual, interactive site for kids.