Friday, October 08, 2010

Meri insisted I post this

However, when she asked that I put it on baby Isaac's picture book, it took me a few minutes to figure out what she was talking about. It seems that since the blog has been predominantly about our little man, she now thinks it's his. So here's Meri's moment to shine:
She wanted everyone to see her pretty picture of a mommy (far left), a daddy (middle), and the girlie (right) out in the sun and blue sky. Be sure to note that the mommy and girlie are wearing high heels. I find this particularly funny because this mommy doesn't even own a pair. Regardless, I love those eyelashes!
Then, as soon as I'd posted this, she ran over, told me she was going to erase it all and do another beautiful drawing. Upon completion and after receiving my congratulations, she said rather demurely, "you can take another picture now and post it too." So here you go:
These are happy flowers singing Disney songs with the sun, but the sun isn't real (which she said because it's not yellow). I love Meri's art. She is really creative with colors and shapes and never worries about how things should look, but comes up with her own way of making them instead of asking me how to do it. Like the orange circle in the top left with a couple of lines in it - those are the Disney songs. When Jell tells her something isn't the right color or doesn't look like it's supposed to, she, in typical Meri fashion, always replies, "that's okay, it's how I want it" or "it is right to me." I love it!


Hannah said...

Good job Meri!

Anna said...

This is the cutest thing ever and Meri is so adorable! I love her drawings and how proud of her drawings she is. Make sure to tell her that Ninnie LOVED her drawings, especially the high heels :)