Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last night after giving J a kiss goodnight, Coop lightly tapped his head on hers and said it was a "love bonk." M quickly asked for him to come down to her (on the bottom bunk) and smacked her head against his forehead with all the force she could muster. She left this mark:Yet she didn't complain at all. Just was pleased with herself for giving him a "love bonk." I'll have to remember to avoid those in the future.

The other day we were watching Sound of Music. It was pretty early in the movie and the girls were asking questions about why they were marching and why Maria didn't like the whistling and such. I explained that the dad thought kids should be serious, and wear uniforms, and march, and stand still in lines, and be quiet. But that Maria thought kids should play and dance and sing and have fun. Everybody just went back to watching and then like 30 seconds later M shouted out, "SHE'S right mom!"

The other night M was, as usual, the last one standing at the dinner table. Coop stayed to help her along. She was much more interested in conversation, however. She brought up how Halloween things are pretend like mummies and ghosts, to which Coop agreed. She then added bats to which he disagreed, bringing up how we had seen them in the zoo. Unfazed, she added, "and pumpkins. They're pretend." Coop responded, "No actually, pumpkin are real." M: "No dad, they're pretend." Coop: "Remember how we carved them? They were real." M: "No, but pumpkins that talk, they are pretend." Coop: "Well yes, that's true." M: "And REAL pumpkins that talk, those are pretend too." Coop: "Well they can't be real if they talk." M: "That's because REAL pumpkins that talk are pretend and pretend pumpkins that talk are pretend too." They went back and forth arguing this one point for the next 10 minutes or so as M put off eating, during which J ran down the hallway and yelled, "No way Dad. Pumpkins that talk are FICTION!" And a few minutes later we heard her yell from her room, "That's NON-FICTION!" Good to know they are really learning stuff at school!

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Anna Collett said...

haha I love the things that go on in Meri's head. And I'm glad you finally blogged again! ha Pretty much I check peoples blogs too much...ha