Monday, February 28, 2011

What a dog!

My Aunt Patti and Uncle Jim have the most beautiful dog! They got him when he was just a puppy - he looked like the softest stuffed animal you've ever seen with these huge paws. Fast forward the better part of the year and he's grown into those large paws!! Isn't he adorable? This was as close as J got. And that was only after I carried her there and plopped her down on the bench for the picture. Poor thing. She talks big and really truly does want to like dogs and play with them but once they're within 10 feet she just goes nuts. She can't be talked out of it. Believe me, we've tried. This was a moment of peace but she was not going to take her eyes off of him for a second!M has no such reservations. As you can see, he's nearly as tall as her and she just giggles away.
He, of course, needs a closer look.
She soon decided he was her pal and kept hugging him around the neck. In a rare moment of bravado, J ran over touched him at arms length when he was distracted, and booked it out of there. She kept repeating that she'd touched him until everyone acknowledged her great feat.
We brought him in briefly to see what Buddy's response would be since he's like the size of Bodie's head. We were hoping for some laughs or funny faces at least, but alas, he was more interested in the camera. Not having been around dogs before, it's like he didn't think he was real, and thus not worth bothering to look at. Bummer.
Then they were off on a walk, despite the frigid temperatures. M wanted to hold the leash but you don't need much of an imagination to foresee what would've happened if she had and Bodie had decided to run. Oh boy.

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Anna Collett said...

This is the cutest thing!! I love that Meri is so brace now!! Jenelle told me she loves Bodie...big talker I guess. ha