Tuesday, February 08, 2011

We love visitors!!

We are really blessed to have moved to such a beautiful place with great people in our ward that's still in the Northwest, but sometimes we still really miss home. Some days more than others. So it's always nice to have visitors, since all our family and friends are clearly what we miss most about home. This weekend we got to enjoy: a new El Salvadorean restaurant with pupusas and some yummy desserts, M being sang to at Red Robin for her upcoming birthday while she shyly hid her head in Grammy's neck, baby I smiling till my cheeks hurt just watching at his grandparents, mommy and daddy going out on a real date Saturday night, Grammy helping decorate the all-important Valentine's box that couldn't wait another second although it's not needed for another week, watching Despicable Me while Grammy and Papa snoozed on the couch, and just hanging out while it rained and poured outside. Fun, fun!
We had a great time, appreciate all they did for us, and miss them already!

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