Friday, February 18, 2011

P.E. Extra Credit

So J's P.E. teacher is awesome and sends out this monthly newsletter with funny things the kids say, health and exercise tips, what they're learning, and an extra credit calendar. It is full of suggestions of fun things to do with family or friends to get "extra credit" in P.E. By that he means you get a certificate and you get to sign your name on the Fitness Star Wall of Fame poster for the month. I know, cool, huh? Well I'm new to this whole kids with school, homework, papers to have signed, remembering to send the appropriate shoe wear on P.E. days and the the library book on Thursdays, etc. etc. etc. so I've glanced at it before and thought "that would be fun if I were a little more on top of things. Maybe when she's older. Afterall, she has her whole life to be an over-achiever." But I printed it out this month and put it in her homework folder for fun. And it is fun. Last night with daddy they did this: "Build a tower of pillows and practice throwing sock balls at the top pillow. Can you knock it over?" Daddy thought this was the best homework ever. Buddy, being held by daddy, was studying the whole thing as if we were from a different planet and he needed to learn as much as he could. Today we've been working on this one: "Take five pieces of newspaper and roll into a long, tight paper tube. Tape the sides so it will stay rolled. Balance the paper tube on fingers, hand, elbow, anything." Again, who knew homework could be this fun?
By the way, the ballet outfits were not required. Just for kicks. And by the way, now that I stopped being in charge, they have changed into witch costumes and are using their balancing sticks as bows and arrows to kill the crocodiles, and poke me from a safe distance away. Or I should say M is. J keeps sending her to do it. Their whispers from the hallway are rather intimidating. At least they haven't turned on each other ... yet.


The Collett's said...

I love these pictures!! Meri has some extremely sassy ones!!! ha Jenelle looks like she got the hang of it kind of. Her PE assignments sound so fun!!

Janelle. said...

How fun! I want to participate in extra credit P.E. too! I'm going to have to steal those ideas...what kid wouldn't love having permission to throw and knock things over? So fun...and of course all your kids are just adorable.