Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A picture's worth a thousand words

Explanation of this picture by M:
"The little guys at bottom are the bird pirates and they are hunting out of their nest. The big one is the mama bird and the blue one is the daddy parrot, no I mean the brother parrot. And the bird pirates shoot poison water up to the birds and the birds drink it cause it reached all the way to the sky to where the birds went. Their nest is on the side over there with all those little circles. And the birds have spots on them so the pirates are teasing them. There are arrows pointing at them so everyone knows that the boys and girls are girls and boys. And the trees just are long." There you have it.
Oh and I love their wee little wings and tails!


Jen said...

Natural born artist! And, such detail in the drawing and the description! She is taking after her mom! Molly is home sick this morning and she told me that she misses Janell (which I will never learn to spell right). Will you email me your address again so that she can mail her a note?

The Collett's said...

I love Meri's drawings but even more so her stories that go along with them!!! ha. They are so thought out and have such a background. Just gotta love Meri.