Tuesday, March 29, 2011

His favorite new toy

And for $25 at a Used-Toy store, what's not to like? Love that smile!I wanted to insert some witty caption here but the face is just too good for anything I can think of. What do you think he's saying here?And is this not a crazy boy face? Looks like he's ready to be chasing his sisters around the playground with a worm laughing his mischevious little heart out. Fun times ahead. I can hear the squeals now.
J always had an extremely expressive face and still does actually. As a baby I remember my mom asking if I could get any normal pictures of her smiling since mostly I got crazy expressions and funny faces. While I get lots of smiles from Buddy, I don't think he's much behind her in expressiveness!


Anna-Kare said...

That last picture reminds me of Cooper! I've seen him look like that. :)

Raina said...

Holy adorable! Each of these expressions are so funny and cute. I think it is time for you to come and visit again.

Anna Collett said...

I love these pictures!!! I didn't even see this post but he is so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

We have a jumper-roo if you'd like to borrow it - looks like he'd LOVE it!!