Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why learning to spell is important

M: "Grilled cheese sandwiches are just for girl." (that's what I thought I heard)
J: "No they're not. Boys can have them too."
M: "Huh uh. Only girls. That's why they're called GIRLED cheese sandwiches, right mom?"

J: "You know you don't speak French M. But Fancy Nancy does."
M: "Fancy Nancy knows how to speak Futch? I wish I knew how to speak Futch."


hannah said...

lol! Logan would be very disappointed if he couldn't have girled cheese sandwiches. They are his fav.

marzee said...

When jackson was little, he thought they were girl cheese sandwiches too - he insisted on having boy cheese sandwiches. I thought . . . hmmm - how do I make boy cheese sandwiches? I added meat.