Thursday, March 03, 2011

Our big/little boy

Here's a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!! He's just so cute.
Enjoying some sister time (lots of pics of the same thing, I know, but each face is different):
Watchin' Blazers with daddy time:
Is this not a "do-you-see-what-this-crazy-chick-is-doing-to-me" face?
Cool and knows it too:
We actually got a picture with Papa! Hurray!
He loves him his baby food! Do you see how he's attacking that spoon? Wish you could see him eating live. Before he's even swallowed he starts yelling for the next bite. It is not a pretty sight when the bowl is empty.
And no joke, he grabbed this out of my hands as I walked by. My mom was holding him and he just snatched it and then did this. How does he even know that's what you do??
We can't believe how darn fast the little peanut is growing. It's rather disturbing. He has been sitting by himself the last few days. Of course he falls if he gets distracted and quickly looks to the side or something (which makes the girls laugh hysterically), but the fact that he's doing it means he's getting big WAY too fast!

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Gel said...

Alisha... he is so big and cute!! How can he be that old.. We miss you guys. Glad you guys are doing well.