Thursday, March 10, 2011

My new trick!

What are you doing? Oh, I'm just sitting here.
What did you say? Oh nothing much. I'm just SITTING. Look! No hands! Hard to believe isn't it?
I'm pretty happy about it. I think I'm pretty cool now that I can sit up all by myself and go eye-to-eye with anything. Well, okay, anything that's about one foot tall. Still, pretty awesome.
And true, sometimes I fall over. But I'm no less cute when I do!
And plus, when I fall over, I can easily play with these really sweet feet. It's hard to grab them and get them in my mouth though with them kicking so fast. Oh well, it's fun to try!


Anna Collett said...

Oh my gosh he is the CUTEST little boy ever!!! Seriously I've never seen such a cute little boy sitting up and smiling ear to ear!! I love your blog but sometimes it makes me miss you guys so much more! You have the cutest kids ever!

marzee said...

Very cute. Love what he's wearing!