Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Much Dora

Just looking at it gets me singing "I'm a Map, I'm a Map, I'm a Map ..." And when did she start using apostrophes? We should probably start working on spelling but it's hard to correct her when this way is SO dang cute! (For those not lucky enough to be familiar with Dora, they have a map to help them get somewhere and Dora explains the steps to get there, just like J did on these papers) And I love the teamwork. M drew the map and J wrote the directions/story line. I find maps like this drawn by M nearly daily. I will also occasionally hear little Swiper sounds behind couches. I love it.


Anna Collett said...

I love how Meri is just constantly drawing pictures!! You can always send more this way that will make it on the fridge. I also love how Jell picks such big words to write! She is adorable with her writing. She might use apostrophes better than me!

Raina said...

Amazing! Seriously, from the spelling, to the drawings, to the teamwork! I miss you guys!