Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Funny Kids

J: Why is Mom going quick?
Coop: What?
J: Why is she going too quick so she can't eat breakfast?
Coop: (lightbulb) Oooh, you mean fasting? Why is she fasting?
J: Yep.
HA! Love that after I told her I was fasting, she switched the word with a synonym!

J: That's a nipt.
Coop: I'm sorry, did you just call that safety pin a nipt?
J: Well I didn't know what it was called!
Coop: So you called it a nipt?

M: The Space Needle is the BIGGEST thing in the world!
Coop: The biggest huh? Maybe you're thinking it's the tallest?
M: Nope! It's the BIGGEST in the whole world!
Coop: So it's bigger than the ocean is it?
M: Yep.
Coop: Huh. Hey J, do you think the Space Needle is the biggest thing in the world?
J: No way! (Coop was relieved and glad to hear somebody understood the way things were) Cause there are giants!

M: Why is EVERYTHING made in China?
J: Not everything's made in China M. Our monkey rug in the bathroom is made in India.
M: India IS China.
J: Is India China mom?
Me: No, it's a totally different country.
J: Well why is everything made there?
Me: Because they're communists and they make all their people work for practically nothing so they can sell stuff for really cheap.
J: What's Communists?
Me: It's a different kind of government that doesn't let the people have as much freedom. Like they tell people how to live, what to be when they grow up, how many kids to have and stuff like that and people have to do it.
J: Whao. We aren't like that here.
Me: Nope. Cause America isn't Communist.
J: Where is China mom?
Me: In China. The other side of the world.
J: Oh. I thought it was in Antarctica.

Buddy was just trying to get my attention. I wasn't responding. So he army-crawled over, bit my big toe and then looked up with a look that said, "Ha! Now you're looking. I win!"


Lisa said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love that you explained communists to Jell. And kids sure won't let you ignore them, will they. Persistent (and creative) little guy!

Anna Collett said...

I am only commenting on this one, because it is the last post, but seriously the cutest kids! I love the picture with Meri throwing up the peace sign! ha Also, your bread looks DELICIOUS!! Way jealous.