Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Big Boy

He LOVES his baths!! And I LOVE his rolls!
I LOVE his wristbands even if baseball is my least favoritest sport ever.
He LOVES real people food! Coop kinda not thinking straight the other morning just handed him a banana. His lucky/messy day!
He LOVES going on walks/runs, and doesn't even mind being very squished by big sisters! Basically, just LOVES being outside! And we LOVE him!


Anna Collett said...

Pretty much he is the happiest baby. I love the wrist bands! But really his big sisters only cram him because they love him so much!!

Raina said...

I have no idea when he grew up? I have missed it. He is so cute and happy! I need more of this kid!

marzee said...

Oh Alisha - he totally looks like you!