Monday, May 09, 2011

On to the Real Reason We Came

To play in the snow ... in May, on our own, self-proclaimed Spring Break!M was more excited to throw snowballs and explore (she found a hole someone had dug and said, "this is a perfect M house. I can be here every morning) than to sled. J, however, after watching The Wizard of Oz for the first time (there were lots of discussions and questions about it - the girls just could not believe that the scarecrow could really not have a brain and that the Tin Man really didn't have a heart. That's not real they insisted) was all about having "courage." Way to go her!
Possibly the best sledding picture EVER! Look at J's mouth! Hilarious!
Buddy didn't so much care for the fun in the snow, especially since he spent most of it in the car. But he did enjoy the french fries we got afterwards! Yes, I did let my 8 month-old have french fries. Third child. I'm a terrible person. But he was SO happy.
Then the next day we went skiing! FUN, FUN, FUN! The girls had a blast and SO enjoyed their lesson.

Then, since most the lifts are no longer running, including the one for the bunny hill, and since J and M REALLY wanted to "ride the ride up the mountain," we gave in and brought them up Pine Martin. Way, way up the mountain. To the top, which after a gorgeous morning, suddenly got very windy and started snowing corn snow pellets right in our faces to add to the patch of steep ice at the top. Perfect timing. Let's just say we are lucky to have all made it down in one piece. Very lucky. And then, at the bottom when all the adults were so relieved and very very sore, the girls excitedly announced, "let's go again!" That would be an even worse idea than having gone down in the first place. But we survived to ski another day ... next year.
(M couldn't even stand anymore she was so wasted. Right before I snapped the picture she collapsed, dropped her skiis, and let her helmet roll right off her head. Let's just say she was asleep in the car before she could finish arguing that she didn't want to sleep!)


Anna Collett said...

You apparently should have shown Jell the Wizard of Oz before! You would've had a lot less tears. They are so adorable and I love that Dad has them skiing. Your kids need to stop being so darn cute! It makes it harder to move to New York.

Raina said...

I am so jealous of the skiing I can hardly see straight. It is a crime I haven't taken my kids! The look so cutE though. Someday we will join you