Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Somehow we made it

So Saturday we got a little over-ambitious and set out to hike Twin Falls. It was steep at parts, rocky, and WAY longer than some of the little legs in our family wanted to walk. There was a lot of carrying going on. Let's just say it took us days to recover and be able to walk again. But it sure was fun, and the view was INCREDIBLE! Too bad that right after snapping a quick family shot at our destination of the bridge, the camera died. I could've cried. Seriously the view was beyond description. We'll have to go back. Someday. But here are the shots of all the distractions along the way:How tired to do they look? M in particular? Buddy had finally fallen asleep, which helped because his frantically excited flailing of all limbs had really been playing with my balance. Daddy had the biggest right to look tired as he'd been carrying girlies for awhile now as we kept thinking the bridge had to be around the next corner! We sure are lovin' our beautiful sunny days although next time, I think we'll pick a shorter hike with shorter legs in mind!

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Anna Collett said...

At least you got these pictures!! I didn't think you got any, and these are super great pictures (especially since I'm reading this blog during one of my most disliked classes ha). Looks like a great hike!