Friday, July 13, 2012

The wonders of North Dakota living

Before they even got here, my parents turned them into cowgirls in an effort to help them fit in. Now I don't know how well it's going to work, but they look darling and more importantly, they're finally here!!!! We are all back together as a family finally, and for good. Aaaaah. Feels good. And noisy. It is definitely noisier. 
Little dude was THRILLED to have the girls back! It was adorable. M woke up first, and he dragged her around the apartment, not willing to let her go as he showed her everything in the place. While they played ring-around-the-rosies he just laughed and repeated her name again and again. Makes a mommy's heart feel good. He was just as excited when J woke up. I won't mention the skirmishes we've had when he's realized he now has to share toys we have with somebody other than an infant who can't do anything with them in the first place...
Baby G has basically looked like this since everyone came. She is blown away by all the activity and the increase in noise. I think she likes it. Difficult to say as of yet, but it hardly matters either way!
So with Nana and Bopa in town (after a bit of a bumpy tiny plane arrival), we decided to go explore one of the top tourist destinations of North Dakota :) This is Theodore Roosevelt state park, which has our badlands. Pretty spectacularly unbelievable views. And hot. Very hot.

And lots and lots of prairie dogs. Silly little chirping things that they are. 
He kinda looks like one, don't you think?
Please, Mr. Prairie Dog, won't you come out? We'd like to take you home as a pet. Mom would be okay with it I'm sure (shaking my head no).
When I said "lots," I really meant it. We saw thousands of these friendly little things. Every time we turned a corner there was another sprawling prairie dog metropolis (which might be the only kind of sprawling metropolis we'll see for quite awhile). And there are some of the painted hills in the background. Very cool. 
Here we are all together again, pink cheeks and all! They came in to town on my birthday on Wednesday which was the perfect birthday present (along with the beautiful flowers from my hubby)! And later today, we close on our new house!!!!! So far, being 31 isn't so bad!

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Anna Collett said...

What a cute pink cheeked family!! Everyone sure looks happy to be together!