Sunday, July 22, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

So we've been in our new house a whole week now! And while we still have quite a long ways to go to be unpacked (not to even mention all the projects and painting and DIY and landscaping and on and on that we have left before the house is the way we, or maybe I should say I, want it), it wouldn't have got done at all if it hadn't been for my parents who came for the weekend to help us move in! A bazillion thank you's. They left us with the house in a disorderly live-able situation, which was WAY better than what it was the day before. But they did have to leave, which was terribly sad for everybody. Here we are bringing them to our tiny little airport right here in Dickinson:
And with them leaving, I became "that" lady. You know the crazy one with more kids than she can handle who looks totally in-over-her-head? The one who's daughter made it to the airport before she really realized she was wearing a Snow White dress-up? That's me!
Dude was trying to get away from me here to get to these guys, who M also kept running to sobbing (the whole scene got pretty sad):
But I love how in this pic you can see them going through the security line, and the windows behind them show the plane they're getting on. They walk right through security and out that door basically. And then we ran outside to watch them get on their plane (we have kind of a small airport):
Before he left though, as one final gift, Bopa gave the kiddos money for the little candy machines. This is what dude looked like AFTER I cleaned him up. Nice. He wasn't too happy about waiting to watch the plane (which the girls insisted on) until it actually started to move. That, he thought, was pretty exciting.
We look forward to when Nana and Bopa come again!


Anna Collett said...

good thing you didn't zoom in too much when mom was leaving... I do love that Meri wore her snow white dress!! hahaha love it.

bontovi said...

hahhahaha! Meri knows how to travel in style!!!! You are the cutest Mommy-to-four ever!!!! Love you heaps!