Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chub and Chump

Baby G is really into standing these days. Course she needs a little help. I mean look at those legs! Those things aren't built for walking. Their shape seriously cracks me up.
And dude is VERY into anything baby G is into. When he sees me heading to put her in her saucer he'll often try to run around me and dive in. He's a goof. He jumps in her swing. Lies down on her blankets. Tries to climb into her crib. Gets in her carseat, which is pretty ridiculous-looking. He'll even occasionally lie down in the Boppy and smile up at me. Fortunately he hasn't done any of those things when she's already there. Yet.
He actually really likes her, as do we all. And how could you not? Look at her:


Anna Collett said...

SO chubby!!! I love every roll!

bontovi said...

She's tooo cute!!! We miss you!