Monday, July 09, 2012

Our little handfuls

Surprise happy face!
Happy baby toes!
Um...there's somebody's finger in my mouth. Is that normal? Well I guess I'll suck on it then (Dude was just pointing out her body parts to show the camera).
And he also likes to share with her! This is pretty big since these things are two of his three most prized possessions. She isn't sure what the big deal is, or why she can't see as well when he shares them :)
Sometimes he helps her talk on my phone (which he has taken to stealing and making calls unbeknownst to me). Be careful though dude, she'll suck on that too if you give her the chance!
And quite often she pulls this over on top of herself. Dude often comes to her rescue though or makes sure I do!
Isn't she a doll? And yes, she did get a little sun on her cheeks. Our bad.
The little man kept jabbering while I was trying to get a nice shot of baby G, and then I finally realized he was saying, camera, camera? Once I snapped his shot too, he was good. Love his too-cool pose!
And baby G, will you hold my water bottle for a sec? Sure mom! You don't mind if I take a drink, do you? Which, by the way, caught dude sharing his juice sippy with her the other day. Didn't think she got any, until she started madly licking her lips. Since then, she's been lunging at our food whenever it's near and staring at it with those bug-eyes. I think he started something.

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Anna Collett said...

She has the cutest little red cheeks!! ha It is so cute but sad... I love how happy she is!