Sunday, February 10, 2013

Funnies and cuties

I watched dude work really hard to get daddy dinosaur to hold baby dinosaur (he told me that's what they were). When he succeeded, he let out a big "okay" and sat back to enjoy his work. Course he had to photo bomb his own picture. Never misses a chance!
Awesome benefit of your older kids learning to read! They read to the littles! So cute!
Too tired to even care. Hilarious.
And too cute for words.
And baby G has taken to drawing lately any chance she gets. She always moves the pencil back and forth on the paper, then looks up at me with this huge smile as if to say, "I see you guys do this all the time. Look at me! I can do it too!"

 See, huge smile.
 And sure, she eats the pencil sometimes.
 Or the pencil and the paper.
 Or crumples up the paper while eating the pencil . . . but either way, she would like a round of applause for her accomplishments.
And back to dude wanting to be in every picture. While I took those of baby G drawing, guy was saying the entire time, "I picture too. I picture too." So here the ham is. Texting. Not even sure to whom, so I apologize to whomever received a text from me in Cambodian. My 2 year-old can do things with my phone like you wouldn't believe (example: he was playing some bowling in a Miami nightclub game on my phone the other day. I didn't even know my phone HAD games!). Oh, and one last thing. Yesterday, Coop took Buddy to get some wood and drywall, and when he was loading it into the car next to Dude, he said: "Daddy, that's BIG! I like big!"
Hey, anybody seen Baby G? BABY G!

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Anna Collett said...

Such cute kids!!!!! I love M reading to Dude. It is just the cutest!