Monday, February 25, 2013

The best birthday party ever!

I have to call it that after all the work it took! What kind of crazy woman spends three hours decorating for a bunch of 6 year olds? That would be me. Good thing M gasped in delight when she first walked into the room. That helped a little. But it had been billed as a "Fancy birthday tea party," so we had to go fancy! 
Here the girls are making fancy necklaces:
LOVE dude in this picture. Seriously couldn't look cuter.
It's hard to get good help around here but luckily, these guys were available:
Here's M, all ready to drink from the "fancy cups." I think each girl drank half a gallon of juice. It just tastes better in fancy cups!
And J was the ever-helpful big sister. Willing to pour punch and do whatever else when the hired help couldn't seem to be found :)
Here's the girls with the fancy party hats they made to complete their outfits (we painted nails too - that's why M has her hands out like that )!
And what kind of cake should there be at a tea party but a teapot cake and teacup cupcakes? And as a bonus, the cake had a hidden surprise! It was full of jelly beans. Should have seen M's face when I cut it open! I win! (I'm not really that creative - I'd seen a pinata cake on pPnterest and thought I'd give it a try. Lo and behold after a bit of finnagiling, it worked! And was the perfect shape to make into a teapot! Better yet)
And of course there were presents ...
and hugs! 
And total exhaustion afterwards. Happy Birthday beautiful! 


Hannah Holt said...

I'm impressed. The pinata cake looked awesome. And YOU not creative? Yeah right! You are miss creative. It looks like the kids had a lot of fun (and I hope you got a very long nap afterwards!).

Anna Collett said...

This is so cute! Little Dude is the most adorable thing ever! Actually, all of them are so cute.