Saturday, February 23, 2013

Of bum prints, babies, and brooms

What kind of animal makes a track like this? Anyone, anyone?
A Baby G of course! That would be her complete bum, and full leg print in her puffy snow pants! J can't stop laughing about that picture. Love the tracks as she crawled off as well! For some reason, she was utterly refusing to walk in the snow. Had to get down and crawl :)
And why not? This would actually be Baby G's first time in the snow! Not that its the first time it has snowed in her life. Heavens no. Just the first time that the stars have aligned and there has been fresh snow, warm enough temps, G in her snowgear, Mom in a good enough mood, Dude in a good enough mood, and nothing else that had to be done at that precise moment. She was rather timidly interested in that curious white stuff. She kept touching it daintily, bringing it to her lips and giving me a quizzical look.
And she kept squinting a lot. She hasn't seen much sun lately. Hard to remember what its like frankly. Just so bright! But I think she liked it!
Dude meanwhile was alternating between stomping in the snow and sweeping ... the grass. Gotta keep that grass clear. Forget that the driveway was mostly covered in a fresh blanket... 
Such a cutie. Less cute when I had to wrestle the broom from his hands and drag him, screaming and crying into the house because he was "not done sweepin," but you know.

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Anna Collett said...

So cute!! I love the balloon snow suit. And Dude totally looks awesome in that snow hat. Just saying.