Monday, February 25, 2013

M's Big Day!

So I'm a bit behind, but earlier this month, after weeks and weeks of not-so-patiently waiting, M turned 6!! We had seriously had quite the countdown. And then, after all the excitement, the night before she burst into tears! Why? She was so sad that she'd never, ever, ever be 5 again. Growing up is so tough. But here she is the morning of with her requested birthday breakfast of pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips AND blueberries in them. Whatever floats your boat!
J got her a set of walkie talkies. Clever girl. Get her a present that to use, she needs you to play with her. Clever indeed.
Some more beloved presents:
We surprised the birthday girl by showing up at school to join her for lunch. Wish I had a picture of her face! And of dude's face. I let him hold a helium birthday balloon that we'd bought at the store and he looked about as pleased as punch with himself and his big "job." We also brought cupcakes for her class. The kids enjoyed finishing the leftovers off after school, even with that crazy dark frosting!
I think it turned out to be a pretty fun day (although just the beginning - the friends party wasn't for another week! Something to look forward to :) ). And this is what she had to say as she reflected on her birthday with me:
What I like about being 6:
"I'm older."
"I got presents like my Dream Lite. I like it a lot."
"I'm gonna have a birthday party that's a fancy 6 year-old tea party"
"That I got that fairy towel from Ninnie."
"That I got those cool science things from Nana."
That it's going to be a better year because dad said each and every year is going to be better."
"That I'm older than some people."
Ha! Love that last one. What an accomplishment!
And looking toward the future, she says in regards to what she wants to be when she grows up:
"One thing - a scientist. Um ... one thing I don't want to be is a gymnasticker because they said you have to do it almost every day and then I wouldn't have time for all the other stuff. I want to help people ride horses at a certain place. Um ... artist. Ballet-er. I just have so much things to be when I grow up that I'm losing track of them. Maybe a person on the swimming team?"

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