Sunday, February 21, 2016

The groundhog was right!

We saw the sun again! Mother Nature better be careful, or we're going to start to expect this! Decided that as part of school on Tuesday, we needed to get outside and play tennis. Why not? Balance races:
Ready position:
On Thursday I needed the house clean or else. So I bribed the kids with a slurpee if they could just, please, for the love of Pete, really clean their rooms. They were pretty happy about it. Especially L, who didn't have to do any of the work.
Meet Luski "the Page Ripper" Stinkovitch. Cause she smells. And rips books. Poor books. Poor me.
Dude's current favorite game - "I'm so good at this!" Love his drawings.
Lately L has been waking in a super foul mood. It's really bad. I finally got her to stop crying and flopping around like an unfortunate fish, by letting her take pictures on my phone. Meaning, of course, I needed to delete hundreds of photos of her forehead later. We photo bombed her for one. She was less than thrilled.
All in all, it was kind of a tough week. So after M's basketball game, where she again played some killer, deny-the-ball-at-all-costs, her-opponents-hate-her, she-doesn't-even-let-them-move type of defense, we up and went to the beach. Why not? It's only an hour away!
The kids were a little surprised that we were serious. Love this guy's coolness.
It was a little hard to walk down the hill on Cobble Beach. But noooooooo, she did NOT need any help.
Climbed the tallest rock! Some are more comfortable with heights than others.
The whole time she walked, she laughed to herself, saying things like, "whoa," "I falled," "aaaaahh." Glad it was so hilarious.
Oh look! A steep hike with a view behind the lighthouse! On it!
Yeah, this was a good idea. Especially when Trouble ran ahead of everyone by herself half the way before I could catch up. Shortly after which, she "ran out of power" and had to be carried the rest of the way up and then the whole way down.
Doesn't get much better than a sunset over the ocean. Although J in particular appreciated the clam chowder at Mo's quite a bit as well!
We'll have to do this again. Three cheers for spontaneity!

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