Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February is here!

Family yoga. Had to do something to counteract that ice cream that had them literally bouncing off of everything!
Strength/agility testing at karate. So fun to watch this little guy!!
Dude: MOM! I found a dragon rock!!
Me: What? Oh, that's an agate. Why'd you call it a dragon rock?
Dude: Uhhhh, oh, I just want to.

Me: G, why are your hands playing in your cup of water?
G (pulling them out quickly): oh! I thought it was a pool.

When we miss North Dakota, we're forced to make our own snow. It's not quite the same. Also, messy.
Fire dragon vs ice dragon, who will win?
L was seriously impressed with G's creativity. Magnetic toys are the best.
"I'm out of power." Shoot. Somebody forgot to recharge her battery again apparently. It's so fun when she does this:

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Anna Collett said...

I love the knight costume G is in!