Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Further information

So thanks to CJ and his readers' digging, it has been discovered that the reporter responsible for the newsweek article is a "lifelong member of the LDS Church." Here is a link to an interview she did, in which she is very upbeat and speaks of the Church as any good member should: Elise Soukup

After reading this interview, my opinion of the reporter has changed dramatically. Many answers she gave directly contradict some of the conclusions I drew from her report, and at times I found myself judging her character--whether my judgments were correct or not, that doesn't matter; it's wrong either way. So I apologize to her and to all of you for that.

However, the article's shortcomings are still there. The things I pointed out that are wrong with the article have not improved just because she's a member of the LDS Church. What I think led to the irresponsible fact-gathering and unethical reporting, as I called it, was her knowledge of the personalities of her editors. I think that she knew that reporting on the LDS Church as one of its members would be tricky business if her editors were to think that she was doing a "balanced" job. This is probably why it contained so much on polygamy, had many disrespectful statements about the Prophet, etc.: she knew that by including an account of the First Vision (although factual in her mind), her editors would see that as a "pro-LDS Church" statement. Therefore, she included much of the other stuff to "balance" the article out. Like I said in my first critique, I don't fault the reporter for the article--in fact, I am very grateful for it. When the Church gets press, I am generally ecstatic. I just take issue with some things, and that hasn't changed. I am in the process of editing my thoughts and sending them to newsweek. Just thought I'd include an update for those of you still interested!


Cicada said...

Thanks for the update!

Limon said...

Good call. I am impressed with your ability to sort out what does and does not upset you. That is when an argument really works. Good luck on your letter to Newsweek, and may you post it soon!

Stupidramblings said...

I WAS still interested.