Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I quit. My last day at Occupation is Friday. This mainly has to do with school, as the 3 tests I've taken so far this semester were all Cs. I'm going to be applying to graduate school in Oregon at the beginning of next semester (probably), so this semester's grades are really important--and I've got a few pretty intense courses right now. So I quit! Now for the real feat: actually studying with the extra time I have.

It was a tough decision, as we will now have almost no income. My wife works on call and when she's working it will be about 10 bucks an hour and from home, so that'll be nice. But I've always wanted to provide at least a little bit for my family--I will be giving nothing. Beautiful JellaMama pointed out that by not working now, the theory is that I will get better grades--better grades means graduate school, graduate school means meeting future goals and providing better then.

So student loans here we come! And for coworkers who might be reading this and are aware of a developing situation at work that has been irritating me, that situation has very little to do with my departure. It really is grades--and happiness, I guess. Every day I leave work I do so in the worst of moods. I was hired to be an editor of English, not an editor of computer code. Although this does make me unhappy, quitting for academic reasons is a more valid excuse. So I'll stick with that one.

This shouldn't affect my blogging, except that I won't have work stories to post anymore. Oh well. I should still have a few minutes on campus now and then to post.

If anyone has spare moneys, I would like them.


JB said...

Sounds like a tough decision, but it also sounds like it's working out. So far. Well done! :)

Limon said...

Congratulations on escaping the Titanic. The question I have is this: Has it already hit the iceberg, or is this just the fog obscuring the lookout's view?

Coop said...

Brilliant analogy, Limonada. Though I think it's on about iceberg #4 or so. I could spell them out for you, but then I might not get letters of recommendation.

Cicada said...

Oh, too bad you just mentioned the letters of recommendation, because I was about to say that now you've jumped ship, you can blog for weeks about all the things you were unhappy about. But yeah, I didn't remember that recommendation part.

I'm sad to see you go, even though I never see you anymore. But it's always been a pleasure having you here. Just remember: We'll always have Japan 41.

christovich79 said...

quitting? gasp*
I figure all student employers on campus know that all of BYU's student employees are trying to quit ASAP. We do want better jobs. That's just the way it goes. And so Cooper goes.
And missed he will be.

I am pretty sick of being called "a student" at work. Doesn't that seem confusing, to call the makers of a education materials students? Call me a student employee if you must. I guess they don't call us editors anymore because we student employees are also designers.

Nemesis said...

As one who left that ship as well, Coop, let me just say that you won't regret it one bit.

I mean, I regret that I'm poor now, but that's pretty much it. I'll be rich later.

And you won't get to see the cool people that you work with as much anymore, but hey, you'll always have blogging.

Coop said...

By the way, I have no idea why Christovich called me Cooper. I have no clue where he got that. It baffles me. Because that is not my name. Obviously, Coop is my name. Everyone knows this. Cooper must me a nickname of sorts or something. Because it's not my name. It's not.

ambrosia ananas said...

Sad. For us, I mean. I congratulate you on your anticipated higher grades and on escaping editing code.

Savvymom said...

Yay for you quitting your job! I'm all about quitting jobs. :) Being broke isn't so bad. There aren't even support groups for broke people. And you will get a nice tax return the beginning of the year for having Jella. Things are looking up already!

daltongirl said...

Oh, Coop(er), I will miss you so. Wait. I never actually worked there at the same time as you, so I probably won't notice the difference. But it will be sad not to imagine you there, elbow to elbow with your coworkers, blogging away. On the other hand, everything else about escaping that place makes it a very happy day. Get the letters of recommendation now, and then blog the stories. Please. I beg you.

Anonymous said...

So we are on line looking for new pictures of Jella and don't see any! Please post some new ones. I will pay you! Great Aunt Rosie, GG, Great granpa and great cousin Lynda! xxxx