Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gotta love it

This morning when we were finally leaving for church, Jenelle threw open the door and stepped out into the sunlight. Seeing a lady walking on the sidewalk, she yells out, "HI!" The lady kindly responds with a "hi." Jenelle then announces, "We are on our way to church!" Lady: "Oh, isn't that nice." And before lady can escape, "Jenelle throws in, "And isn't my dress pretty?!" Oh my vain little budding missionary!

Earlier this week I had to go to the doctor and bring the girls. In the time it took me to fill out the paperwork, I had to change Meri's diaper twice and take Jenelle to the bathroom once. Never mind that while I filled it out in between bathroom stops, the girls alternated with "Mama? Where is the doctor," and "Mama? ba da ba dubba da." But that's beside the point. As we entered, Jenelle marched right up to the receptionist and announced, "My mommy hurts and the doctor NEEDS to see her!" Because everybody needed to know. (By the way, I'm fine)

We inherited a number of Barbies recently which throws us into a whole phase of life that I'm not sure I'm ready for. Regardless, while helping Jell I put a pink and a purple shoe on Barbie because they were the two closest shoes. Jenelle looked at it and muttered, "no, no, no, no, no. That doesn't match." and wandered off, only to return with two matching, miniature purple shoes. Really? She knows? And it matters?

There's always the helpful announcement, "Meri's crying!" Just in case we lost our ears. Not to mention the fact that when we ask why we either hear, "because I poked her," "because, because ... I didn't hit her, " or we see that Jenelle happens to be holding Meri's binky.

Which reminds me to mention some of the things that have come of them sleeping in the same room. One time we opened the door to find Jenelle sitting on her bed with NOTHING on but a rain coat and princess shoes. Meri was wearing a cowboy hat and immediately asked me to help her put on the Mexican dress. Another time Jenelle had every single piece of dress-up clothes on at the same time - which is a lot. Meri often throws everything out of her bed, including the essentials for sleeping (binky and tassled pillow). We're really just lucky she hasn't figured out how to throw herself out of it. I'm a little worried that Jell might help her one of these days. Dolls must be wrapped tightly in blankets before we leave the room or they'll never fall asleep. And of course, there tends to be giggles, screams, and "Mamas" until one of them falls over with exhaustion at around 10 PM. So I'd say it's working rather well.
(Only, of course, because the hours of sleepless chaos and anarchy have resulted in two little buddies that play together endlessly and hate to be apart. Cute examples: Meri always bring Jenelle her shoes when it's time to go, and Jell always holds Mer's hand when she's nervous about walking down big steps. Aaaah.)


Raina said...

You are a brave mom to go to the doctor with your little ones. The last experience I had made me certain that I needed a therapist, so I have vowed to keep the kids away to save us $$$. :D
Hope you're alright, and .... a mexican dress while napping? That only cultivates the coolest dreams. Way to go Meri!

marzee said...

I love that you write about all of these little things. So great! You do it with such a flair as well. By the way - what's going on in the world of art?

lauriemcmurt said...

Reading your blog is the funniest thing ever! Gotta say, my favorite post is the chapstick eating Meri! Soooo funny! We are also loving the funny toddler stage with Megan. Yesterday, she said, "Oh my heck, there's a cricket in our house!" Died laughing! Then yesterday we had FHE and she was coming up with a game for us and she took a balloon and put it between her legs and said, "You just take it (balloon) and put it in your crouch (aka crotch, that was Dan's word--thanks) and walk over to the books and drop it. Like this." I die laughing everytime she says "crouch". Kids are great aren't they!!! By the way was this an Obstetrician appointment, because really, you have never been able to keep a pregnancy secret with the McMurtreys! We love you guys and miss you and hope for Cooper's sake it is another girl, if you are pregnant!

Hannah said...

Did the people at the doctors office just crack up? Seriously hysterical.

And yes, I think Jenelle and Erica would be GREAT friends. They have that same silly vein running through them :)

Jacob, Emily, and Jason said...

This is the funniest post because I think we can all relate. I am always blown away by the things kids think of to say or do. About the Barbie shoe matching thing--even though Jason doesn't play with Barbies, and never will or Jake will LYNCH me, he does play with race cars. He has a race car track with green, blue and purple cars. If you in some out-of-your-mind moment happen to put the blue car on the green track, there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. The car is dramatically taken off the wrong track with a head shake and a "NOOOOO" and put on the appropriate blue track. Why he cares, I have no idea, but the fact that he does is very funny (and a little mind-numbing at the same time!)

Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one whose doctors visits seem like all-day-long marathons in which we have several poopy diapers (they are never wet at the doctor's!), treats everywhere, toys everywhere, several instances of the Mommy 50-meter dash as I chase Jason throughout the entire office because he's sick of sitting in the waiting room, or try to grab the office door before he bolts out whenever someone opens it because he LOVES the elevator and wants to get out of the office and ride it every chance he gets!! ARGH! No wonder my blood pressure is always high when they first measure it (it always drops back down to normal levels within five or so minutes!) It's sweet chaos, I tell you!