Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things they just don't quite get yet

1. Bedtime = Bedtime NOT playtime/dress-up time/giggle fest time/reading every book on the shelf time/water time/bathroom break time/jumping on beds time/who knows what else time (ought to give you an idea of how things are going in the shared room - as soon as our camera is fixed, you'll have some great pics of them at 8:30, 9, 9:30, even 10 o'clock).
2. Hide-and-Go-Seek. Cooper played it with the girls the other day. Meri hid with him, giggling the whole time, and when Jell came seeking Meri would shout at her something like "ta dah." When Jelly hid and Cooper entered the room seeking, Jenelle would jump up and announce, "here I am!"
3. Waking up a snoring and pretending-to-be-sleeping daddy. Meri thinks it's hilarious but hits herself instead of him and wonders why he doesn't wake up.
4. "Eat one more noodle and you can get down." There was a two hour stand-off of wills the other day when Cooper decided Meri was old enough to have to eat more. My baby cried and screamed for her mama most the time. I left the room so as not to interfere. Regardless, in the end, my baby won.
5. Commercials. Every time they come on Jell says in the most dramatic tone, "OH NO! Where did the show go???!" This happens even if I am watching the news, which is not exactly her favorite show.
6. Carbonated drinks. Jell can't stand them. I'm okay with this.
7. Jumping. Meri is in that adorable stage still where she thinks she's jumping but neither foot is leaving the ground at all. I love it! Although she will fearlessly jump off of anything pretty successfully. It's the landing she needs to work on there. Jenelle, on the other hand, desperately wants to "get" jump roping. She tries to with belts, bandanas, headbands, anything she can find. Occasionally she succeeds in jumping over it once, which requires ample praise and congrats.
8. The world doesn't revolve around them. Good luck to us and everyone related on this one.
9. Building things. Jenelle loves to. Meri more resembles a wrecking ball than the man with the hard hat.
10. Trail mix. Isn't it just about picking out the colorful M & M's and leaving the nuts for mommy?
11. Helping. For example, it isn't necessary to stand inside the dishwasher to help take out the dishes. And taking out the dishes mom is putting in, isn't helpful. Or jumping in a pile of newly folded clothes isn't helpful. Or eating the blueberries in mom's bowl as fast as she can pick them isn't helpful. Sitting on mom's lap and pushing buttons on the sewing machine as mom is sewing, isn't helpful. Digging in mom's garden isn't helpful. Taking mom's clothes off the hangers so as to have hangers to play with, isn't helpful. Walking through the dust pile or even trying to sweep it into a dustpan (while really scattering it across the floor) isn't helpful. Pushing buttons on the keyboard while mommy is blogging isn't helpful. And as you all know, the list goes on and on. But probably the worst is the really, really cute smile they give when caught doing something they shouldn't - REALLY isn't helpful.


marzee said...

So cool that you're recording all of these little things. You ought to publish it into a hardbound family journal. They have online sites that will actually allow you to put your pictures in and whatever text you want. You also decide the layout. Just an idea! Nice keeping up on you (love the chapstick post too).

Bobbi said...

Okay so I laughed and laughed and well laughed at this post. It is so true for our house too!! I want to meet that little Meri--her and Claire sound like two little Bradley/Cooper peas in a pod!

Hannah said...

LOVE the hide-and-go-seek part. I used to play hide and go seek in nursery and some kids would just crouch in the middle of the room and stay really still. I would always bust up laughing.

I totally understand the battle of wills...And yes, the baby normally wins. :)

It sounds like you need to get TiVo so that those pesky commercials won't be so devastating. Ha ha!

Maybe all that energy they exert towards helping will pay off one day when they really know how to help! Love is all alisha!

Janelle said...

Being a mom is great...I can't wait until Preston hits these stages (ok, I really can wait...) every time I read your blog i think, "oh, what have I gotten myself into?" I see just what I have to look forward to...but they are just so cute I guess it doesn't matter in the end!! You're a good mom Alisha, Shaun and i aspire to be like you and Cooper :)

Lisa said...

Alisha, I love your sense of humor. Your blog makes me happy every time I read it. We'll be up in Portland again in October for Michael's Portland open house. I'll be there for a good long time (as demanded by my mom) so we'll have plenty of time to hang out and I can introduce you to my little girl! She'll be here in a few short weeks...hopefullly...