Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family update

After violently coughing for two weeks, Coop finally went to the doctor today and he has pneumonia.
Jell has two ear infections, and after a month still can't stop coughing when she's lying down or running - so she probably has pneumonia too.
Meredith, who was obsessed with the toilet 4 months ago when I couldn't take advantage because of my finger surgery, now hates the idea of potty training. We went to the store to buy panties and her treats to get her excited ... she threw all the panties out of the cart. She cries for "buy-pah" (diaper) when we suggest panties and thinks the potty chair is a medieval torture device. And she's had dry skin sores all over her body so we're very happy to see the rain again.
Mom feels sleep deprived because pneumonia-guy and ear-girl cough all night long and for fun has suddenly developed eczema and is probably going to itch her hand off.
Aside from that, we're all healthy and good. Hope you're doing even better.


Jen said...

yuck, yuck, yuck. I am so sorry! I am hacking too, I hope I don't have the same thing...what is going on this winter???

Raina said...

oh no!! this is NOT GOOD! And...where in the world did the eczema come from?? If you need any special lotions for that one.. we've got ya covered. Sorry about the pneumonia and ear infections!!!

cat said...

I had walking pneumonia when I was 17- no fun at all! I'm so sorry your household is sick, we just got over that. Good luck and stay healthy!