Sunday, February 15, 2009

A sunbeam, a sunbeam!

How is being a sunbeam going for our little redhead (which by the way, Jell doesn't want red hair. She wants blonde like Meri or brown like mommy. She gets very upset when I tell her she isn't either)?
Some examples:
* Jell was asked to be the reverent child in primary today (stand up in front, being a good reverent example with a crown and cape on). She burst into tears when they tried to get her to do it, but then was okay about it if Coop wore the cape and held her, standing in front. She did a great job folding her arms - okay she broke now and then to sneak a delighted wave to a friend - and told Coop, "look, that's my friend folding her arms. I taught her how to be reverent."
* She's the sunbeam who sings at the top of her lungs. She held a last note out a full three seconds longer than everyone else today.
* She's the kid who raises her hand so hard for everything that it raises her right out of her chair.
* She's the kid who interrupted the Primary president (walked up and tugged on her dress) a couple weeks ago to tell her it was snowing, which of course, had nothing to do with what the president was talking about.
* She adores her teacher and talks about her frequently, even pretending to be her when she plays school with Meri. When I do her hair sunday morning, if Jell's really impressed, she sighs deeply with an "ooooh, my teacher will LLLOOOVVEE my hair like this!"
* She hasn't pretended to fall off her chair to make the other sunbeams laugh since the first day, so that's progress! Although she does turn around and wave at us whenever she remembers to do so.

And what of our funny little towhead who kept doing her shrugging-her-shoulders-and-spinning dance throughout the sacrament hymns?
* Well, obviously she's not ready to be picked as the reverent child but she, despite our fears, hasn't cared at all that Jell left her behind in nursery. She has her Aunt Patti. "Ann Pay," and as soon as the sacrament closing prayer is over she grabs Patti's hand, mutters some quick "bye nell, bye mama,"s over her shoulder and is out the door without a second thought. She's kind of independent.
* Speaking of, we had taken to putting her back in the crib lately with the canopy zipped up so she can't get out. The little stinker has learned to unzip it, from the inside, and climb out. It doesn't make sense how - her little arms shouldn't be long enough. There's really no stopping her.
* And today I overheard this argument between the girls who were fighting over some bag. After Meri pulled out the "mine" word, Jell said, "No Meri, it's everybody's!" Meri yelled back, "I not everybody!" I'm not sure if that helps or hurts her case in the argument. Sadly most arguments end these days with Meri biting Jell. This is a new one for us. Any advice on what to do about this???


Lyndsey said...

Tommy fell asleep last week on his Sunbeam teacher's lap. That is a little unusual. But totally hilarious. His teacher said that she was really moving him around thinking that he would wake up but nope we ended up taking him to grandpa and he slept the entire rest of church on a pew. Miss you guys! Jenelle is historical and I wish we could hang out with her!

Hannah said...

Sounds like Jell is an AWESOME sunbeam. I think Erica would have a nervous breakdown if her name was even CALLED to do something in primary. I love thinking of Jell singing three seconds longer than everyone else. I love kids!