Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Couldn't have been cuter

The girls got to take a dance class from a friend who did an awesome job. They loved every minute of it and we sure loved just watching them (as opposed to normal dance studio's recitals where you watch other kids for hours) perform 4 whole dances at the recital. They even had a solo number :) which was hilariously adorable. I'll add the video later for family that didn't get to come but here are some too-cute-for-words pictures for starters!
The whole gang:
Sisterly love:
Aah! Too much love!
Nice smiles and excellent form girls (this is just too funny not to include):
We're sure going to miss the dancing and all of our friends!!


Anonymous said...

The last picture is HYSTERICAL! Love those faces.


Jen said...

I do love that last picture. I think Meri is going to be a super star ballerina and then you can hold that one over her head! I want to shed a tear when I look at that group picture! It makes me miss you guys even more! What a darling recital!