Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Preschool graduation!

We were so fortunate to have been able to enjoy two full years of Mother Goose Time preschool (Joy-school style, at-home preschool where the moms rotate teaching responsibilities using a curriculum and materials we got online through Mother Goose Time) with the same wonderfully giggly girls. Jell has loved, loved, LOVED her school and association with her friends. We were just so lucky that it worked out for everyone for two whole years, especially because now that it's done, we seem to be scattering. But after all these fun times, we celebrated with a graduation party! The girls donned their pink graduation caps that they made themselves, walked (down the stairs), performed some of their favorite songs from the last 2 years, and got their diplomas. Good times! Good friends!And good work to all the moms! Next stop - kindergarten (since when did I have a child old enough for kindergarten????)! Can't wait to find out where we'll be sending her to school!

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