Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just playing around

Last week when we were still ... enjoying rainy spring weather, we had to get creative to find things to do! So the girls decided to go "camping at the beach." I love all the friends they brought with them. They sat there while I read Pollyana to them "around the campfire."
Then, miracle that it was, they didn't take all night to eat dinner! And as we've said a million times, when you eat quickly there's time to do fun things, so, since it had cleared up nicely, we went on a walk down by the river and found one of Lewis and Clark's campsites, nicely marked with interesting stories for Mom and Dad. And, of course, there were plenty of rocks to throw in the river!
As you might be able to tell from wispy one's hair, The Dalles is rather windy. So much so that the previous couple that lived in this house had a big BBQ that frequently blew over and off the porch into the neighbor's yard. We're not so sure about the wind. It's nice in that we don't have any AC and if we open all the windows, a healthy breeze blows air in and cools things down nicely. However, it's usually more than a healthy breeze and I have doors slamming shut of their own accord left and right and loose papers, toys, picture frames dive-bombing each other all day long. I guess something to get used to? Or another reason to keep my house less cluttered?

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