Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going to the Park

So I'm sorry about the excess of posts lately. I just don't have a lot of things to do and blogging makes me feel at least somewhat connected with all you guys that I love so I keep finding excuses to blog! And these girls are so cute, that it's easy to find a reason, even when we're just walking to the little park down the road:They just chose to hold hands the whole way down the street all on their own. And then had the following conversation. Meri: "Jell, will you hold my hand always?" Jell: "Yeah, I will Meri. I'll hold your hand the whole time." Meri: "Even when we're at the park and you made a new friend?" Jell: "Even then. I'll always remember you." They walked a few paces in contented silence and then Meri exclaimed excitedly to me, "MOM! Jelly says she won't never ever forget me even when she makes a new friend!" Love it!
We're loving playing in the sun! Yeah for summer! And I've had a change of heart - yeah for all the wind that cools us down so it's not too too hot!


Anna-Kare said...

Now you understand gorge living. Bless that wind! And the girls are darling!

Raina said...

They seriously look SO HAPPY! You are doing something really really well... because those smiles are contagious! Keep up the good work.