Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Fish Hatchery or "where they make lots of fish babies"

On our way home to Portland for Father's Day we decided to stop at one of the places we always speed past and say we should stop at some day. Thus we found ourselves at the fish hatchery with no idea whether it would be of interest to the princesses. But they loved it! After splashing about in a fountain, we wandered over to the sturgeon pond, where we could look at the "stoogins." Those things get freaky huge! Up to 20 feet!Naturally, the girls wanted to know if the "stoogins" could eat them. They thought it was hilarious that they suck up their food like a vacuum instead of using teeth. Meri kept watching them through the underground windows and saying again and again, "this is just fabulous!" Oh, and we decided it's a good thing we clothe Meri. Apart from the normal reasons for wearing clothing, she's so white that it appears she would disappear altogether in the sun if she didn't. Either that or she's a lot more angelic than we give her credit for being!
Then we meandered over to the trout pond, to see the "tramps, I mean what are those called again?" "Are they slimy mommy?"
Jell got so excited about seeing them swim and jump out of the water that she began to levitate.
After convincing the girls that the fish didn't want them to throw little rocks at them to eat, Mom miraculously found a quarter in her purse to purchase a handful of fish food! Thrown one at a time, this provided like 20 minutes of entertainment, which makes it 25 cents well spent in my book. Here's quite the wind-up for a throw that travels 6 inches:She seriously cracks me up. The whole outfit ... it just works.
By some stroke of luck nobody even fell in the water, nor were they eaten by "stoogens" nor "tramps." So we walked off in time to take a quick look at the dam to discuss why water looks white when it's going really crazy. Can anyone help me with that one?


hannah said...

Why does water look white when it goes all crazy? Here's my guess: When water goes crazy it crashes into itself and gets broken into lots of tiny droplets (instead of one smooth surface). All the tiny droplet reflect light in different directions (like a diamond) thus creating the appearance of white (all colors) instead of a reflection of specific colors like a mirror.

bontovi said...

Alisha.. you're sooo cute at 6/7 months pregnant! Wish I were that skinny! Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Raina said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm digging Meri's outfit too and the fact that they want to throw rocks in the water just like my boys. ALL of my boys. :D

Gel said...

I haven't looked at your blog in awhile!The the preschool pictures are way to cute! Thanks for coming to do the scrapbooks that was fun and thanks for letting the girls come to the b-day party. Addie was glad they got to come!

Hannah said...

Meri's outfit is awesome, and I wish I could use 25 cents to buy some fish food to feed fish! Looks like an awesome day!