Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"You gotta see this"

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, Coop checked on the girls and then came back out of Meri's room laughing. He told me I had to come and see what she'd done. He pointed at her pathway of books and the balancing act she'd completed on her rocking chair:I, however, having already seen what she thinks books are good for (she did it during quiet time) looked at her. Here's a closer look:And here:
We're so proud of our daughter, who is going to give birth to a baby giraffe! I can't believe she fell asleep like this! On a similar note, the other day while I was browsing around Lakeshore Learning and the girls were playing happily, a lady came and asked if I was their mom. She was trying to hold back her laughter as she told me she'd just overheard Jell say, "There we go. I feel SO much better when I'm not pregnant." So basically, being pregnant is a little bit on our minds these days! I also just overheard Meri say, "My baby is a monkey." Jell replied, "Oh, yours is a monkey? Mine is an elephant. Are they going to get married?" This mommy hopes her babies don't grow up quite that fast. Oh and yesterday Jell informed me that "baby brother can't grow up ALL the way inside your tummy! He needs to come out sometime!" I would agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I insist he come out sometime. Preferably September 2nd. We can't wait!


Bobbi said...

I loved being pregnant with my girls around, they always came up with the best things. I love that Meri fell asleep like that. . what a doll!

bontovi said...

Nice!!! Kids are so much fun!!! Never ever a dull moment!

Raina said...

This is so cute and funny! I can't believe they are so into the pregnancy! I love it though, and at least they will be awesome helpers when he comes!

Hannah said... Erica had me feel her stomach yesterday because her baby was kicking. But, we're not allowed to tickle her because her baby will fall out!