Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And it kept right on snowing

Surprise surprise!! This was more than just the typical snow dusting. Much to the delight of little ones all over town, it actually added up, and suddenly a 4-day Thanksgiving weekend became a whole week off of school. Wow. And daddy even got sent home from work early so he could make it up the hill to us up the plateau. FUN TIMES!!And before we went to sleep, we peeked out the door and nearly an inch and a half more had accumulated on the chairs they'd left out. And it was 25 degrees and dropping. Brrrrr.


Raina said...

We are SO jealous!! It snowed here, but nothing like it did for you!!! The girls look adorable all bundled up!!!

hannah said...

Fun, fun! We've barely had snow at all so far this year. Glad you guys got some.