Thursday, November 18, 2010


We've been looking for a preschool for Meri, and after having heard me on the phone earlier in the day, Meri randomly said in the afternoon, "Mom, are you SURE you want me to go to preschool?" I replied, "Well, sweetie, we thought you could learn lots and have fun. Why?" Little Ms. Sweetness answered, "Because if I go, you will be left all lonely." I had to jump up and give her a kiss and hug right away and assure her that I would indeed miss her but she would come back and I would be okay. It's even sweeter because when I asked her if she wanted to go to preschool she nodded emphatically and assured me that she really, really did. How adorable that she would consider giving up something she wants to do so that I wouldn't be lonely!


Anna Collett said...

ah she is so cute!!!! that melted my heart, what did it do to yours? ha miss you guys so much!

Jen said...

She is adorable. It doesn't seem like thoughts that complex could come from such a little bean. We miss you too!

Raina said...

Preschool?? She would love it, and hopefully you wouldn't get too lonely. :D She is so thoughtful!!!