Monday, November 22, 2010

"I didn't know it could snow BEFORE Christmas!"

That quote is courtesy of Jenelle. Along with, "It's snowing in the Fall time. That's CRAZY!" And "Meri, you know what mommy taught me? When it gets really really cold like it does in August, then it snows." In my defense, let the record show that I never said anything about snow in August.
So the fun began as we were getting our shoes on to go out the door to church. I happened to look out the only window not covered in blinds to see it totally snowing! Surprise! The girls quickly demanded all sorts of snow gear, and we rushed out to still get there on time. By the time we got out there it was just the teeny tiny little flakes, that you can just barely see to the left of Meri in the grill of the car. See, it really was snowing :)
Ok, so you can't see the snow at all in this pic but they just looked too cute.
All throughout church and part of the day we watched beautiful flakes fall, but nothing stuck to more than the trees. This morning, the magic was back:
"I so much want to go out and touch a little little snow (Meri)." So knowing that these things don't usually last, I helped them bundle up and run outside for a few minutes of bliss. Yes, that is their nightgowns poking out of their jackets. There was no time to change. You just can't risk missing it by being practical.
And yes, we are the neighbors that still have moldy pumpkins on their porch. It's just that it's our back porch and we so rarely go out there to see them and be reminded. And now it's snowing on our Halloween pumpkins. I can't say I've seen that before.
I think I just found my excuse to not go to aerobics today. Wouldn't want to get caught out in the blizzard :) It's still going. Soon we might even be able to make a pint-sized snowball. Such a lot of excitement over a few flakes!

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Anna Collett said...

ahhh these are the cutest pictures. I love the nightgowns under the snow gear. Really I just love that in all the pictures they have some type of dress on. ha And yes I'm always the first to comment. ha I just love you guys too much.