Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Missing Halloween

Halloween is such a fun holiday with kids! I miss it already and am sad that we didn't do more for it. The whole new baby and move thing threw us off our game a bit and we didn't get to do the farm hopping we usually enjoy. While we were down in Portland for a super short visit, we did make it to one pumpkin patch with my mom. Here's the fun (although sadly I didn't take many pictures because I was holding a very sleepy Mr. Man the whole time):
Static head:
Jell was SO SO excited for the huge slide and SO uncharacteristically brave. She went half a million times because my mom had purchased a bunch of tickets and due to some seriously bad luck this was one of the only activities that was up and running. Meri wasn't so sure and had to go down with me a few times before getting up the gumbo to go by herself:
But then she squealed her little blonde head off the whole way down, jumped up and went again. And again. And again. This made up for her disappointment that there were no Meri-size pumpkins for her to get that she could hold by herself. And the puppies we got to see at the end made up for the fact that we missed the last doughnuts of the day by about 30 seconds. Breathing in their tempting goodness isn't quite the same as enjoying their calories. Oh well. We sure love sunny autumn days at pumpkin patches!

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