Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

Check out our festive Camo-baby that is, catch this, 2 months old!!! Between dealing with that and watching Toy Story 3 for the first time with our kids (they'd seen it before and informed us what would happen, scene by scene, before it happened. Fun times), I need time to stop now! Or at least slow down a little. Please? (I tried to get the girls to agree to not grow up by using the whole you'll have to give your toys away when you're grown up. Jell shrugged and said, "I'll say goodbye to them though. No biggie mom." Great.) Anyway, with 4 babies younger than him in our ward alone, Sir Isaac has become the big kid on the block. And I do mean big kid. Check out his stats from his 2 month: 13 lbs (82%) 24 in (87%) head 16 1/2 (94%). When I laid him on the scale the nurse gave him a double look and then asked, you're here for his 2 month? Wow. Big boy. Big boy indeed! And when she asked if I had any concerns and I said, just nursing. It's like a wrestling match every time and it's driving me crazy. She replied, well, he's clearly not wasting away, so I wouldn't lose sleep worrying about it. And she's right. Check out these rolls!! We win!


Andrew said...

Alisha Berne Whitman don't you dare let Isaac get too big where we won't be able to cuddle with him when we get there in two weeks!
But I'm excited he's doing so well:) Is he taking after what I've heard to have been...a chunky mamma?

Anna said...

He is seriously the cutest little baby boy ever!! Babies are usually not the cutest, but not ISSAC!!! He is so adorable! I will smother him over christmas!